"What Happened
to Happiness?"

Inner Peace in 13 Ancient Traditions
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isn't much to pay, to find out
how to walk the ancient path to wholeness
in the dawn of the 21st century


For 2500 years, many traditions have known
a 7-step path to deep, lasting happiness.
But few have walked it, because the
knowledge was hidden away as a secret for
mystics alone. This was wrong, for

all people have a right to be happy!

This book compares 13 traditions to identify the hidden path to inner peace, so that anyone may use it. If you're looking for the way to happiness, you've come to the right place. "What Happened to Happiness?" details some of the common ways people have always made themselves unhappy. Dr. Miller shows that many ancient spiritual traditions offer the same set of solutions to these problems. But each tradition calls the solutions by different names. This book puts his research and experience to work for you deciphering the techniques behind these codes.

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